Top 10 ways to spot an OTAKU

A survey of over 4,000 Japanese reveals just how easy it is thought to be to spot a (male) otaku from how he dresses…



1. He has an anime T-shirt

2. He has an anime shopping bag

3. He has a waist pouch (”fanny pack” / “bum bag”)

4. He wears a bandanna (hachimaki)

5. His bag is covered in anime badges

6. His hair is excessively long

7. He wears his rucksack over both shoulders

8. He has big, thick glasses

9. He tucks his shirt/T-shirt into his trousers

10. He wears chemical wash jeans


well all i can say is I am guilty of numbers 1,2,3,5 and 10

and why do they call it a fanny pack?! xD

I got this info at SANKAKU COMPLEX… if you wanna check it out… click here

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