Fave J-rock bands

NOTE! : this is not categorized as 1 as the highest and to lowest number as the least fave… i all like/love them! ohohoh…

1. An Cafe/Antic Cafe – i liked the old an cafe more when BOU was the guitarist but yeah they still rock!

2. Gazetteyeah i like gazette so what?! hahaha… :p

3. L’arc~en~ciel – who doesn’t love em?

4. Ellegarden – \m/

5. Dir En Grey – yeah! fave x100!

6. Radwinps –

7. Girugamesh – nuf said

8. Bump of Chicken – RAWR!

9. AKFG(asian kung-fu generation)

10. Maximum the Hormone

One Response to “Fave J-rock bands”

  1. Yoko-chan Says:

    Weeee! L’Arc~en~ciel !!! I totally agree: who doesn’t love them? 😀 *sighs*

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