Kanna Mori

is <3

is ❤

yeah i know…. i’m a Kanna Mori fan boy so what?!

  • Name: Kanna Mori
  • Japanese: 森カンナ (もり かんな)
  • Birthdate: June 22, 1988
  • Birthplace: Toyama Prefecture, Japan
  • Height: 170 cm.
  • Blood Type: B

that’s all i can dig up right now… but still

Kanna Mori is ❤

8 Responses to “Kanna Mori”

  1. Yoko-chan Says:

    Umm… I dunno who she is. What does she do? 😀 (don’t hold that against me 🙂 )

  2. edward de vera Says:

    kanna mori is so cute at kamen rider decade that’s so cool here in philippines via youtube… lav yah kanna…

  3. she is an actress..
    natsumikan in kamen rider decade..
    Im also one of her fans..!
    I really like her smile’s simplicity..

  4. Alson(fan of DECADE,also of Kanna's) Says:

    Kanna looks so lovely and fashion through DECADE .

  5. idol kanna

    i ♥ her ^_^
    specially her cute smile &

    we do share exact birth day ^_^


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