Random Rant!

난 네가 가고 싶지 않아 그냥 여기있어주세요


if you don’t know what that means… well just search it… XD

i just want to get a piece of my mind out… it’s been bothering me for a whole day right now… ><

13 Responses to “Random Rant!”

  1. Yoko-chan Says:

    Not fair! I did search it and i came up with nothing. What does this mean? 😀

  2. Yoko-chan Says:

    I did… Not working. 😦

  3. Yoko-chan Says:

    Yeah, i know, i just still don’t understand it. I mean, i don’t understand what you mean. 😀 The google translate said the sentence means:

    I really do not want to just stay here, please.

    So it’s still unclear to me. 😀

  4. I did! That was the translation google gave me:
    “I really do not want to just stay here, please.”

    So that’s why i still have no clue what you mean. 😀

  5. Yoko-chan Says:

    Owwwww so will you translate then? Pretty please? 😀

  6. Ohhhh come onnnn! 😀
    Hmmm… *thinking* what’s so bad about what you wrote there that you don’t want to translate? 🙂

  7. Yoko-chan Says:

    Ufffff but there’s no way i can understand … unless i start taking up Korean lessons… 😀

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